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Restoring My Faith in Humanity

I've seen lots of crazy Russian Dash-Cam videos of people road raging and getting into fights in the middle of the street and all sorts of acts that would make you cry for humanity. I've always believed that for every crazy person out there, there are 10 kind people. This video restores my faith in that theory. Click here to view the video.


Why I Deleted Facebook

I have deleted my Facebook account. As much as I tried, I could not get into it. There are a few things that really drove me away. The first thing actually doesn't have much to do with Facebook itself. I guess it's more of a personal problem that I have. I didn't like seeing all the cool things that my friends were doing. It made me feel like a loser. I wasn't doing anything exciting or fun and my friends weren't exactly inviting me to join in on their activities. I guess the problem was either me or my friends and didn't really have anything to do with Facebook. Another problem I had was with...


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