Window vs Aisle Seat

Window vs Aisle Seat

I don’t really fly that often. While I do work for an international company and often work on projects that originate around the globe, I am most often sequestered to my cubicle. Most of the air travel I do is for personal reasons. When choosing a seat, I used to always try to get the exit row seat for the additional space even if it was a middle seat. The extra legroom was worth it. Now, since every airline charges much more for an exit row seat, that is out of the equation. I pretty much refuse to pay for anything beyond my ticket price to the airlines. It ticks me off that they charge for every little thing but that is a subject for another time.

When choosing a seat, the option is either aisle or window seat. No one wants the middle seat. In days gone by, I would always choose the aisle seat with the thinking that I would be able to get up and use the restroom easily and stretch my leg out into the aisle. In actuality, I would rarely use the restroom and would always make sure to go in the airport before boarding the plan. The flight attendants would always ask me to move my leg if they saw me taking advantage of the aisle space and if they didn’t someone would always step on me or I would get hit with the food cart. I would also have to get up whenever anyone in my row felt like getting up.

The window seat is now my preferred choice. With the window seat, I get to control the shade. I can sleep without being disturbed. I can lean against the wall of the plane to rest my head. On some planes, there is enough space between the seat in front and the wall of the plane for me to stretch out my leg. And most importantly, I get to view out the window and see things like this photo of the harbor in Monaco.IMG_8188

I must confess that I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to maps and geography. I love to try to determine my location by looking out the window of the plane. When flying over the middle of the US or over large oceans, it’s very difficult but when I flew from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas recently, I was able to determine my location by comparing the coastline to the coastline on my phone’s mapping software. When there is a media entertainment in the seat, I find myself staring at the planes GPS information long after most people become bored. On some rare occasions, I have been able to get GPS signal on my iPhone while on the plane and watch it get confused as it tries to place me on a road on the ground and shows my speed at 500 mph or more.

My wife and I are planning to take a small vacation this Spring and I am looking forward to getting another window seat and admiring the view of the world below.

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