Why I Deleted Facebook

Why I Deleted Facebook

I have deleted my Facebook account. As much as I tried, I could not get into it. There are a few things that really drove me away. no_facebook

The first thing actually doesn’t have much to do with Facebook itself. I guess it’s more of a personal problem that I have. I didn’t like seeing all the cool things that my friends were doing. It made me feel like a loser. I wasn’t doing anything exciting or fun and my friends weren’t exactly inviting me to join in on their activities. I guess the problem was either me or my friends and didn’t really have anything to do with Facebook.

Another problem I had was with Facebook stalkers. I think everybody knows at least one. They are the people that suddenly post a comment or like a photo of you that was posted years ago implying that they went through a few years worth of photos to get to that one photo. This is also the same person who make very inappropriate comments. I had someone imply that I have a crush on a Facebook friend. I’m 39 years old and have been married for 7 years. If I were 13, I guess something like that might be funny. But now, stuff like that is just not cool.

Facebook is full of advertising. Maybe it was caused by me “Liking” so many Facebook pages but my news feed was full of ads and other useless information. Filtering through it to get to something worth my time was becoming difficult.

I hate Facebook’s terminology. Like in particular bugs me. I guess I associate that with being in middle school and every girl used the term “like” to mean that she has a crush on a boy. Susan likes Billy. It just seems so juvenile. Tagging to me requires a can of spray paint and a freeway overpass. “Write something on your wall” also requires a can of spray paint as far as I am concerned. Poke is by far the worst and doesn’t really need an explanation. I wonder who comes up with these terms and if it actually has to get approved by a bunch of people before it’s part of the social network. Are they all just a bunch of 12 year old kids?

I didn’t start this Facebook account. It was created by a friend who wanted me to get on Facebook. I reluctantly took part. The thing that I liked the most about Facebook was sharing photos. It was a place where I could quickly and easily share my photos with all of my friends. The bad thing was that Facebook butchered most of my photos. I started a Facebook page for my photos which actually got very popular very quickly. When I was actively updating the page, I got up over 6000 “Likes” (there is that stupid word again). On several occasions, when I wanted to delete my personal Facebook account, I didn’t because I would also lose the page for my photos. When I finally had enough of Facebook, I found a way around this dilemma. I ended up giving control of my photo page to my wife which would keep it alive even though my personal Facebook account would be dead. Now if I really need to, I can use her Facebook account to post photos to my photo page.

I’ve been off Facebook for a few months now and I don’t miss it at all. Maybe someday, I’ll give Facebook another try but for the time being, I think I’m better off without it.

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